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Our Team

Sasha Shenk, BS

Research Assistant

Sasha began in the lab as a student intern while completing her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences at Northeastern University. She now works as a Research Assistant, and is primarily interested in the molecular biology component of skin and tissue diseases. 

When not at the lab, you can find Sasha trying new Boston restaurants or traveling on every three day weekend!


Jamie Riesenberg

Co-op Student 

Jamie is currently working in the lab as a student intern while completing her undergraduate degree in Biology at Northeastern University. After graduation, she hopes to go to dental school.


When not at the lab, Jamie can be found teaching yoga classes or exploring Boston!

Lab Alumni


Christophe Egles, PhD.
Addy Alt-Holland, PhD.

Behzad Gerami-Naini, PhD.

PostDoctoral Scholars
Rossella Calabrese PhD.

Mark Carlson, PhD.

Jason Defuria, PhD.

Kyle Hewitt, PhD.

Mengqi Huang, PhD.

Olga Kashpur, PhD.

Anna Maione, PhD.

Mariam Margvelashvili, PhD.

Lara Park, PhD.

Yulia Shamis, PhD.

Weitan Zhang, PhD.

Graduate Students
Mengqi Huang, PhD.
Anna Maione, PhD.
Kyle Hewitt, PhD.
Yulia Shamis, PhD.
Tessa DesRochers PhD.

Judith Edwards – Administrative Assistant
Jeremy Baskin – Research Technician
Jennifer Landmann – Administrative Assistant
Christine Kamar- Research Technician
Kamar Reda - Research Technician
Shumin Dong- Research Technician

Elana Knight, MPH - Research Technician

Faye Martin - Administrative Assistant

Trishawna Watkins - Research Technician

Avi Smith - Senior Research Technician

Dental Research Interns

Irene Lang

Tracy Gerona

Undergraduates and Interns

Jamie Riesenberg

Juju Zweifach

Alma Dogalova

Kayla Gorelick
Nathan Ashby
Fredrick Birnbaum
Anna Shevzov-Zebrun

Sasha Shenk

Karina Demchuk

Josh Napier

Feven Aadhana

Lev Brown
Fiona Burguin
Naftali Falk-Judson
Josephine Agamash
Simon Harris
Maya Leschinsky
Giulana Perini
Drew Sandler

Tianyue Zhang


Lev Brown, BA

Research Technician

Lev completed his undergraduate degree in biology from Brandeis University, and now works as a Research Technician. His primary interest is studying the process of tissue formation in those with Scleroderma.


When not at the lab, you can find Lev cycling or watching the Celtics.