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Human Skin Equivalent (HSE)

The HSE model has been our gold standard for over 20 years. This model stands out in its ability to model cell-cell and cell-stimulus interactions in-situ.  


Full thickness epidermis

Dermal layer with fibroblasts


  • Wound Healing

  • UV protection

  • Disease modeling

  • HSE on mouse xenografting

  • Psoriasis/Dandruff

  • Cytotoxicity

  • Keratinocyte proliferation/differentiation

       Cell Types

  • Keratinocytes

  • Fibroblasts

  • Monocytes

  • Melanocytes


  • Histology 

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Tissue stiffness and contraction

  • Protein expression

  • Gene expression

  • Cytokine secretion

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